Traffic/Transportation: Traffic congestion continues to be a significant concern in Naperville.

  • Looking at some of our comparable cities around the country to see how they are addressing traffic flow concerns will assist in mitigating congestion and allow us to address this in the most cost efficient manner.

  • Addressing public transportation concerns, assessing the efficiency of our bus routes, and increasing bus services during peak traffic times will help meet the needs of our citizens and potentially reduce the number of cars on the road, thus reducing congestion.


​​As a Commissioner on the Fire and Police Commission, building trust between citizens and public safety officials is vital. Benny will support programs that work to develop and strengthen these relationships.  This investment will prove invaluable in the event of a crisis by mitigating the potential fall out of an incident in our community.

  • Law enforcement officials understand the challenges young people face today are different then what they faced in the past. It is imperative that we resource our officers so they can service our youth appropriately.  

  • A number of calls to our public safety departments involve individuals with mental health challenges. Benny will support initiatives that encourage mental health training for our law enforcement and fire departments so they are better equipped to handle these situations.


  • Economic Development: A strong business presence in Naperville relieves some of the tax burden from our residents.
    • Addressing the vacant and under used offices buildings along the East Ogden and I-88 corridors will be a priority for Benny.
    • Working with others on the council to seek out and select sustainable “brick and mortar” businesses that will help grow Naperville’s economy and shift some of the tax burden

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Continuously look for ways to improve efficiency in our city government all while building the City’s reserves to mitigate deficit spending.
    • As a member of the IPSD 204 Board of Education, Benny worked with other board members and administration to balance a $300M annual budget.
    • A budget and spending plan must reflect the priorities set in our City’s guiding principles. ​



  • As a member of the Indian Prairie School Board and his experience in ROTC, Benny is acutely aware of the many challenges youth face today
    • With the increase in heroin and opiate related deaths, investing resources and efforts into programs that support and educate our youth on the dangers of drugs is imperative to mitigating this issue.

  • Engaging our youth and young adults to become more involved in the city government and their community is a win-win for Naperville and important for the future growth of our city.

It’s imperative that we look for ways to make housing attainable for those who want to call Naperville home. 

  • Seniors represent 17% of our population and are a growing segment in our community.  Lowering the cost of living is essential to maintaining their quality of life or they will potentially relocate to another municipality.

  • A great place to live and outstanding schools attract families to Naperville. Having attainable housing is crucial to attracting an appropriate number of families to assist in sustaining quality demographic growth for our city.