"I confidently recommend Benny White for Naperville City Council.  As a West Point Graduate and retired US Army officer, Benny exudes the values and morals that we want, need and desire for our community and especially within our city government.  Benny is very well-liked and respected in Naperville where he has served admirably on the Indian Prairie Board of Education as well as volunteering in many other organizations.  If you want to see a strong family man with integrity, intelligence, patriotism, and strong leadership skills serve in our city government, then join me in supporting Benny White for Naperville City Council."
Chuck Bokar.......Principal, Design Resource Center 


"Benny brings a unique mix of skills to the city. As a military man, he understands discipline and commitment. As an elected official in District 204 School Board, he understands the importance of civic service and as a current member of the Fire and Police Board, Benny understands the value of public safety. Benny's contributions to Naperville are many and he is more than qualified to be a member of our City Council."
Honorable Steve Chirico.....Mayor of Naperville


"Benjamin White is a leader and servant.  Whether the discussion is about his contributions to West Point, the United States Army, the District 204 School Board, our Naperville community and neighborhoods, or his family, he is a man we can all rely on, every time.  The city of Naperville will be fortunate to have Dr. White as a member of our city council."  
Vincent F. Cornelius.....President, Illinois State Bar Association 

"Benny White has lived his life in service to both his country as a distinguished member of the military and his community as a member of the District 204 school board. I believe he will do an outstanding job of representing and serving all the residents of Naperville on the City Council."

Janet Derrick.....Naperville Resident

"Naperville benefits from Dr. White's service to the city.  I personally saw Dr. White make a positive contribution to Indian Prairie School District 204 as a volunteer, elected school board member.  As a lifelong resident of the city, I look forward to his impact on the City Council.  Dr. White has the skills, perspective, desire and capacity to maintain and improve our great city."
Justin Karubus....Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education


"Naperville is fortunate to have a person like Benny White running for City Council. Not only has Benny served our country for 22 years in the U.S. Army, but he has also served our community for over a decade with dignity, dedication, and humility. Our family has known Benny and the White family for over five years and can personally attest to his professionalism and integrity. Benny's love for his community is apparent in that he has unselfishly, and with vision, made important decisions to improve our community by volunteering with a number of local non-profits and our schools by serving on the School Board. He is a man who will voice his opinion and isn't afraid to tackle tough issues, but does so respectfully and with the intent to see things done to completion. Benny would truly be an asset to our city as a member of the City Council. The Lacewell family enthusiastically endorses him!"
Leanne Lacewell.....Co-Founder and Director, Max Lacewell Foundation

"Benny has significant experience to represent the citizens of Naperville. I have enjoyed our time on the Board of Fire & Police and am impressed with his insightful questions and challenges."  
Kenn Miller....Former Naperville City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate

"I have known Dr. White for many years, previous to being on the Board of Education.  He is a man of integrity and respect for all voices.  He listens, he reflects and he learns before he makes decisions.  His focus on leadership in governance is always present in his decision making.  He would be a great new voice on the Naperville City Council, and I am happy to endorse him."
Cathy Piehl.....Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education

"Benny has been a tremendous asset to District 204's school board.  After being appointed in 2012, he dove right in and full embraced the challenges our district faced.  He was re-elected in 2013 and accepted a leadership role as an officer on our board.  Benny is always asking the challenging questions and keeps our district leadership focused on our goals and improving our district.  I have no doubt he'll use that same energy and thoughtfulness as a council member."
Lori Price....President, Indian Prairie School District 204 Board of Education

"Naperville needs to elect Benny White because of the wealth of experience he will bring to the council.  He serves his community as a fire and police commissioner, serves our schools as an elected District 204 school board member and has served his country throughout his distinguished military career.  What more could you ask for in a candidate?" 
Dave Wentz....Former Naperville City Councilman