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White for Naperville’s next mayor

March 5, '23 - Summary

“Naperville continues to be a well-run city. And White has been a part of recent efforts to balance its budget, lower its debt and provide quality service for residents. He also has sought to make Naperville an inclusive community that values diversity.”

“White is better positioned to lead the city because of his experience on the city council. He will work to bring people together and to advance the quality of life in an already successful suburb. White is endorsed.”

From Benny: Thank you so much, Daily Herald, for your recognition of the work I've been doing to provide leadership and deliver results for Naperville taxpayers! My record includes increasing our financial reserves beyond our target, expanding the tax base and so being able to lower the property tax rate, and being an ally to residents in times of need and crisis such as during the '21 tornado.

But having accomplished these things, the challenges ahead don't get any easier. And working from the mayor's office is not a job for the novice.

I know that we, as community, can come together and face these challenges. I want to use my skills, my experience in governing and my commitment to this great city to find a way forward as Naperville's next mayor. And that starts with the election on April 4!

READY and forward!

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Endorsements: Elected Reps

Elected Reps Endorse Benny White

From Benny: Thank you to our elected representatives (US Sen. Durbin, US Rep. Casten, State Reps. Yang Rohr & Stava-Murray & State Sen. Ellman and US Rep Underwood) for your endorsement of my campaign to be Naperville’s next mayor! 

As a 2-term city council member, I’ve been able to cultivate close working relationships with these representatives—who carry our message to Springfield and Washington—as well as with other officials outside Naperville, including those in neighboring communities.

Having these representatives on the same page as the mayor’s office put us in a stronger position to get things done here. This was very apparent when Anne Stava-Murray secured a $1 million grant for victims of the ’21 tornado. If I am chosen to be your next mayor, I will continue to use these good relationships to further Naperville’s priorities.