ā€‹Service to Community
As a current member and officer on the Indian Prairie School District (IPSD) 204 Board of Education, I understand the impact of making tough decisions and how those decisions affect the constituents in the district. Our school board is responsible for approval and implementation of a $300M annual operating budget and I am proud that I've had a hand in keeping that balanced budget.  I'm also pleased that we created $40M in savings to our district and taxpayers.  My time on the School Board, has shown me that listening, fact-finding, and gathering data are important when it comes to decision-making in public service, and I will use the same approach as your City Councilman.

In 2015, Mayor Chirico appointed me as a Commissioner on the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners. Being a part of the the process that keeps Naperville safe has been very rewarding, and I'm proud to have played a small part in Naperville being named the Safest City in America.

Service to You
With all the accolades and recognition it receives, there's no hiding it- Naperville is an outstanding community.  Whether you were born and raised here, or moved here for the plentiful work opportunities, the excellent schools, vibrant downtown, storied history, family-friendly atmosphere, or safe residential communities, Naperville is a place everyone is proud to be from!   If elected to represent you, I look forward to enhancing our public safety, developing strategies to bring new businesses to Naperville, improving our aging infrastructure, making Naperville affordable for our seniors and young families, and involving our youth and young adults.   

Coliin Powell 

"There is no end to the good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit."

ā€‹Thank you for visiting my campaign website. Iā€™m glad to know you are interested in my effort to run for city council. 

Service to Country
Prior to moving to Naperville in 2005, I served honorably for twenty-two years in the United States Army before retiring in 2008.  My military journey allowed my family and I to live all over the country as well as overseas, before ultimately settling in Naperville where I completed my final military assignment as the Commander of the ROTC program at Wheaton College. After retirement, I was fortunate to start a second career in the local area and have lived here ever since.

Service to Country.Service to Community. Service to You.